Christmas Cola Villages

Coca-Cola villages are a fun and unique way to decorate for the holidays. There are Christmas themed villages complete with miniature buildings and figures decked out in all the glitter and charm of the holidays. These Coke village products are full authorized by the Coca-Cola Company and they make an excellent edition to your collection high quality Coke memorabilia.

Each building in the Coca-Cola villages set has been crafted and sculpted with the most painstaking care to create scenes of holiday charm which will put glow in your soul and are sure to win the hearts of visitors and friends. Each village is entirely hand-crafted from the finest materials to ensure years of enjoyment for you the collector. Even more amazing, the buildings feature real working lights, so you can get a true inside peak at the charming scenes taking place inside.

These Coke villages are true works of arts. They're full of three dimensional features and painted with the finest detail. Every edition is produced on a very limited basis, so that each piece is truly valuable and rare. Look for the Hawthorne Village, Bradford Exchange line, Hamilton Collectibles line, Town Square Collection, and many many more.